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Plantation Shutters in London - EFL Shutters Plantation Shutters in London - EFL Shutters Plantation Shutters in London - EFL Shutters

Full Height Plantation Shutters

Various types of Full Height Plantation Shutters

The Full Height Plantation Shutters are made to cover the entire height of a window. The panels span on the entire height of the window without any panel split as you will find with the Tier on Tier Style.

When it comes to configuration, the Full Height Shutters can come with or without a Mid Rail in the panels. More to that there is an option to add a Split Louvre Section as well into a Full Height Shutter.

Below, you can find more details regarding the different types of Full Height shutter blinds.




Full Height Shutters without a Mid Rail

This is the most standard option by far, and also one of the neatest looking configuration for the full height window shutters.

As you will be able to see in the next picture, there is no division, rail or split section accross the height of the panel and all louvres will move together when closed or opened.


Full Height Shutters with a Mid Rail

The Full Height design with a mid rail is mostly used in two scenario.

Firstly, mid rails can be used to overlay the window’s design. Should a window have a division and/or multiple panels as part of its design, then a mid rail for the new shutters can be used in order to follow the window’s design as well.

As a second usage, mid rails do become mandatory when the height of the shutter itself or of the panel, becomes bigger than 1700mm. At such heights, a mid rail will add stability to the shutter panels and will prevent them from bending against their weight.

Full Height Shutters with a Split Louvre Section

The role of the Split Louvre Section is to provide further utility to the shutter panels. Whenever there is a Split Louvre Section onto a panel, that will act as a louvres tilting divider.

The Split Section allows the user to tilt the bottom half section differently than the top half section of a shutter panel. Therefor, should you wish to maintain privacy whilst also letting some light into your room, you can always close the louvres on the bottom section of the panels and tilt open the louvres on the top section of the shutter panels.

A Split Louvre Section, can usually be adjusted as high or as low as required, with a few limitations. Normally a Split Louvre Section can be applied to overlay a window divider or rail.


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