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Plantation Shutters in London - EFL Shutters Plantation Shutters in London - EFL Shutters Plantation Shutters in London - EFL Shutters

Shutter Blinds Uk: Styles

All the shutter blinds styles we offer for the UK market

The shutter blinds  are the most flexible window dressing option and they come in a variety of styles, suitable for all rooms and all window types.

Our ranges of interior windows shutters come in solid panel or louvred options and in a variety of sizes. You can opt for any range from our 6 shutter styles including full height, tier-on-tier or cafe style.



Full Height Shutters

The Full Height Shutters are made to cover the entire height of a window. The panels span on the entire height of the window without any panel split as you will find with the Tier on Tier Style.




Cafe Style Shutters

The Cafe Style Shutters are manufactured to cover just the bottom side of a window so that plenty of light and air will come through on the top, uncovered side.




Tier on Tier Shutters

The Tier on Tier Shutters Style allows for having split panels on top of each other. This will give you a bit more control in choosing when to allow light and air in and when not to. This particular style allows for the top and bottom panels to be controlled separately.




Solid Panel Shutters

The Solid Panel Shutters are a traditional Victorian style. These are made entirely without slats and will achieve a near blackout in the room.




Special Shaped Shutters

The Special Shaped window shutters can be designed to fit arched, triangular, rake, or other shaped windows that you might have.

window covered Special Shaped Classic Wood Plantation Shutters with a semi-arched top in a dark room




Shutters on Doors: French Cuts

Plantation Shutters can be mounted on doors directly as long as there is a good anchor point and it doesn’t interfere with the opening of the door itself. There are 2 different types of cuts available for the handle area: the square and the round cuts.



Tracked Shutter Blinds

The Tracked Plantation Shutters are with a bi-folding panel opening and with at least a set of rails, top and bottom, for extra support and durability. The Trached shutters are suitable for garden or patio door openings or even as room dividers. They can span on quite a large width.



By-Pass Sliding Shutters

The Bi-Pass Shutters Blinds have very wide panels that are mounted directly on the rails. As opposed to the tracked shutters the panels are not connected between each other with hinges, but each of them rests on a rail directly. You can have 2 or 3 parallel rails with panels sliding on each of the rails. Bi-Pass Shutters are usually used in very wide openings such as garden or patio door/windows.








Shutters with Integrated Blackout Blinds

EFL Shutters is amongst the first companies to introduce in the UK the window shutters with integrated blackout blinds. This is as a response to customers needing solutions to achieve blackout in the room whilst still having the plantation shutters sleek design as well.


We are carrying out home visits in and around London and the surrounding areas and counties. This way we make sure that you purchase the most suitable shutter blinds for your home in the UK.

Fore more questions about our blinds feel free to get in touch with us either by phone, mail or by using the contact form below. Feel free to ask us anything related to our products and services.

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