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Plantation Shutters in London - EFL Shutters Plantation Shutters in London - EFL Shutters Plantation Shutters in London - EFL Shutters
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Mimeo: Composite Plantation Shutters

The Mimeo Composite Plantation Shutters can be supplied within 3 – 5 Weeks Lead time.

They have a great quality finish and look. Most suitable for the wet and humid UK weather.

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Classic, Premium and Ash Hardwood Shutters

Made entirely out of wood, these are the most versatile products with plenty of customisation both in shape and in style.

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Up to 40% OFF on all our Shutter Ranges.

We are here to help you choose the best shutters for your home.

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Plantation Shutters for the entire London and throughout UK

EFL Shutters aims to supply and install high quality plantation shutters in and around London. Our aim is to keep our products at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. For these reasons, we have worked hard in order to be able to provide lead times starting from 3-5 weeks.

We strive to bring the shutter blinds at your doorstep faster than anyone else in the industry.

We have a showroom for plantation shutters, windows and wooden floors in Fulham. More to that, we have offices throughout the entire London. Our designers will be able to visit you for a Free design consultation. They always bring along plenty of hard samples so that you can assess the product your are to get.

Arrange a Free Shutter Blinds Consultation in and around London call or email us today

Call us and arrange a Free, No Obligation Design Consultation for your new Plantation Shutters

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Mimeo Composite Shutters:
Plantation Shutters Manufactured in Europe

Built having bathrooms and wet areas in mind, the Mimeo Composite Shutters range excels against high humidity and moisture. These are the best fit significantly for the wet and humid weather in United Kingdom.

Our Composite Shutters come covered by a 10 year warranty.

3-5* Weeks

The Composite Shutters that we supply can be installed within about 5 weeks from the order date.


Plantation Shutters are also known to offer some acoustic and weather insulation as well.


Being waterproof, the Composite Shutters offer the best protection against splashes.

10 years warranty

Our Composite Plantation Shutters come covered by a 10 year warranty.

A few reasons why you should consider having shutter blinds

We bring more than 10 years experience, supplying and installing plantation shutters in london and accross the United Kingdom.

Low Maintenance

Plantation Shutters overall do not need regular maintaing more than just a bit of dusting off.

Guaranteed Quality

Our shutters are made with dedication and a keen eye for detail, hence why we offer warranties of up to 10 years.

Ultimate Privacy

Just by tilting the shutters slats you can choose when and how private you wish to keep your home.

Absolute Light Control

Shutters will allow you to control the amount of light you wish to get in the room.

1. Mimeo Composite Plantation Shutters

The Mimeo Composite Plantation Shutters are made entirely from a waterproof composite PVC material.

Furthermore the components have a hardened aluminium core in order to add to the overall stability of the shutter panels.

At the moment only a Pure White Colour is available for these shutters.

The Mimeo Window Shutters are manufactured in Europe and are currently on a 3-5 Week Lead time to have them installed in homes within the London areas.

Regardless of the few limitations above, this particular range comes covered by a 10 year warranty.

close up of plantation shutters installed in a home in wimbledon
White Plantation Shutters

2. Classic Wood Plantation window shutters

The Classic Wood Window Shutters are made entirely from New Zealand England Fir.

The reasoning behind this particular manufacturing is being able to offer a cost-effective solution to plantation shutters, whilst maintaining a high quality product.

Our Classic Wood Plantation Shutters range will have limited colour options available such as a few variations of White.

This particular range comes covered by a 5 year warranty.

FSC Certification Logo showing a forest and animals drawed in a green colour
three full height window shutters in hallway landing
Installation of 3 White & Full Height interior window shutters in a landing area.

3. Premium Wood Shutter Blinds

The Premium Wood Shutter Blinds are made entirely from  basswood.

This is the most versatile range allowing for builds such as Solid Panels, Tracked Shutters, Special Shapes and Stained Colours.

Plantation shutters, in London, they traditionally come with a stained finish, now thanks to basswood shutters, it is possible to have them in a wide range of stained wooden colours and a wide range of painted colours.

Our Premium Shutters range, the entire shutter is made out of basswood, both frames, panels and slats.

The Premium Shutters Range comes covered by a 5 year warranty.

FSC Certification Logo showing a forest and animals drawed in a green colour
window shutters companies and fitter installing new shutter blinds
Gabriel from EFL Shutters installing white full height window shutters.

4. Select Ashwood interior shutters

The Select Interior Shutters range are made out of ash wood, this way making great use of the hardwood’s strength, hardness, weight and shock resistance , qualities that will be reflected in the end product which hardly warps.

All our shutters made of ash wood come with a brushed finish reproducing this way the wood grain effect.

With even more colours available for this particular shutters range, you get to choose from plenty of waterbased painted colours and over 15 more wood effect oil based finishes that reproduce the looks of different wood species amongst which Walnut, Teak, Chestnut, Oak and many more.

FSC Certification Logo showing a forest and animals drawed in a green colour
close up picture of two Select Ash wood plantation shutters in white and walnut colours with a visible wood grain
Select Ashwood plantation shutters in white and walnut colours with a visible wood grain

Our clients are happy, believe them

It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do has positively
impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their

Short process to get shutter blinds in London

In order to get a rough preliminary quote, we would need either rough measures, or at least pictures of your windows.
We are supplying plantation shutters mostly in London, however we can easily access surrounding areas such as Guildford, Croydon, Herfordshire, Reading and many more areas. Contact us with confidence and we will do our best to arrange a visit for you.
Here are other areas where we can install plantation shutters.
Ordering with us requires 50% Deposit paid upfront and 50% balance due once the installation is finished. We offer several payment options such as Bank Transfer, Card Payments or Checques.

Once an order has been placed, we will update you along the way until the Shutters arrive in London and are ready for installation.
We will get in touch with you once the shutters arrive in our warehouse. Installations can ba carried out really prompt, even the very following day after the shutters arrive.
After the installation of the shutters, your home will automatically look and feel cozier. Our fitters will advise you on best practices how to use the shutters and maintain them. The warranty certificate for the shutters will be sent over for your records as well.

Get a free interior shutters quote here

Please fill out all the fields below, and once the message is sent, we aim to revert within the hour.

    Various Plantation Shutters Styles

    The style of the plantation shutters refers to the overall design and how it may look over a particular window in your London home. Selecting the right style ultimately starts with the window shape and size and your requirements. We are more than happy to offer recommendation or suggestions on which might be the best or most suitable style for you.

    Whilst there are six common or well known types of plantation shutters such as the Full Height Shutters, Tier-on-Tier Shutters, Special Shaped Shutters, Cafe Style Shutters, Solid Shutters and Tracked Shutters – these can be made to measure to fit any window. See here: a more detailed guide on plantation shutters styles.

    Full Height
    Cafe Style
    Tier on Tier
    Solid Panel Shutters
    Special Shapes

    Visit our Window Shutters showroom in london

    We are more than happy to discuss your needs and will aim to find the perfect solution for your home.

    London showroom

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